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Business security solutions
specialist WatchGuard Technologies, announced the availability of a security
appliance, the XTM 2050, a firewall that provides security for large
enterprises and data centers that require a high-performance firewall,
application control and intrusion-prevention system to protect against data
theft, malware and security breaches. The XTM 2050 starts at $39,995 and is
available now from the company’s certified expert and professional partners.

The XTM 2050 provides
line-speed security inspection on all traffic, supports multi-gigabit packet
filtering throughput and provides application control. It connects offices via
a drag-and-drop VPN, connects people via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and IPSec
VPN, and gives the enterprise visibility into real-time and historical user,
network and security activities.

"The XTM 2050 offers
unparalleled performance, security and management controls that make it an
ideal solution for enterprises and MSSPs," said Roger Klorese, director of
product management at WatchGuard. "With this next-generation firewall,
businesses gain newfound abilities to enforce granular policies, which includes
having the ability to harness and control social media and Web-based
applications on a per-user basis."

Key features include a 20G bps
firewall, and up to 10G bps full content inspection, high-port density with
sixteen 1GB copper ports and two 10GB SFP+ Fiber ports, port independence (any
port can be external, trusted or DMZ), redundant hot-swap power supplies, fans,
storage and network-interface cards (NICs), high-availability (active/passive
and active/active), WAN and VPN failover, and application control for more than
1,800 applications.

Also included is integration
with Active Directory, LDAP, RADIUS and other authentication sources for
user-based firewalling, new management, reporting, monitoring, logging
capabilities, IPSec site-to-site and remote-user VPN, SSL remote user VPN,
advanced voice over IP and HTTPS security, extensive traffic shaping, quality
of service (QOS) and bandwidth control, secure connectivity for Apple iPad,
iPhone and iPod touch devices, IPv6 Ready Gold Logo Certified (Routing) and
integrated fine-grained application control.

WatchGuard Application
Control capabilities allow administrators to exercise control over 1,800
applications, and understand which applications are being used and by whom.
Administrators can enforce acceptable use policies for users and groups by
category, application and application subfunctions. The intrusion prevention
system (IPS) works in tandem with the application layer content inspection to
provide real-time protection against network threats, including spyware, SQL injections,
cross-site scripting and buffer overflows. The IPS scans traffic on all major
protocols, using continually updated signatures to detect and block all types
of threats.