Steve Ferman is one of the busiest men in managed services. In the past month, he’s changed the name of his backup and storage services company and attained the vaunted MSP Alliance vendor accreditation.

In July, Ferman changed the name of his company from CompuVault to eTegrity Systems International, a specialist in two-tier storage and backup services sold through solution providers and managed service providers. Why the name change? As Ferman said in an email to customers and partners, “we’re more than just a vault. Our focus is “ensuring data integrity” throughout the entire process of preparing for … and recovering from … a disaster. I don’t want us to be thought of as just another backup provider.”

Earlier this spring, eTegrity introduced two-tier storage and data assessment tools to give its solution providers the ability to help their customers understand the types of data on their networks and decide how to use the eTegrity storage infrastructure. High priority data is stored in more accessible tiers, while older, non-priority data is relegated to lower-cost storage options.

eTegirty recently received accreditation from the MSP Alliance, the world’s largest community of managed service providers and supplier companies, through the Vendor Accreditation Program. The MSP Alliance recognized eTegrity’s best practices in business models, product development, financial stability and viability and custom satisfaction.

“We have always been dedicated to our MSP partners, from protecting them in the market to providing them with a best-of-breed data recovery solution. This accreditation is another way for us to illustrate that dedication,” Ferman said in a statement.

Congratulations to Ferman and eTegrity. This is a company to watch.