Software as a Service/Hosted Applications

1Software as a Service/Hosted Applications

Around 58 percent of organizations outsource at least a small part of their application portfolio through a vendor using the SaaS model.

2Application Development

About 51 percent of organizations outsource the development of new systems or enhancement of existing systems to service providers.

3Website/e-Commerce Systems

Roughly 43 percent of organizations use a service provider to help them develop, host or maintain a corporate website or e-commerce system.

4Application Maintenance

Organizations are increasingly passing over responsibilities such as making minor bug fixes, configuring applications and provisioning for applications to an outsourced service provider — approximately 38 percent of organizations reportedly outsource maintenance functions.

5Disaster Recovery

Around 31 percent of organizations depend on an outside entity to store data offsite, run recovery data centers and set up redundant systems and networks to prepare for disaster or other disruption.

6Data Center Operations

Approximately 28 percent of organizations either outsource the operation of their existing data center to outside service providers or completely outsource the data center operation to service providers who own the equipment and facilities.

7Network Operations

Outside service providers take care of all or part of 28 percent of organizations’ voice and data network operations, network monitoring or installation, repair or maintenance of network equipment.

8IT Security

Approximately 24 percent of organizations lean on outside independent security experts to offer services such as security assessments, penetration testing or managed security services.

9Desktop Support

Whether through on-site technicians or remote support, 22 percent of organizations outsource one or more functions of desktop support, be it acquisition, installation, maintenance or daily support of endpoints.

10Database Administration

The development, monitoring and tuning of databases at both the physical and logical level is outsourced by about 21 percent of organizations.

11Help Desk

At least 21 percent of organizations outsource their first-level phone or electronic response to end-user incidents or inquiries.


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