SMB Cloud Backup Demand: An Untapped Revenue Stream for MSPs

By Gina Roos

Managed service providers are leaving money on the table by not proactively marketing and selling their cloud-based backup and recovery services to their customers. Solution providers are missing out on big opportunities to protect their customers, particularly small and midsize businesses (SMBs), and grow their revenue with cloud-based backup and recovery services, according to a recent survey commissioned by cloud backup and disaster recovery specialist Intronis. Solution providers wait until their customers have breaches, downtime or concerns about unprotected data, rather than taking a proactive interest in selling cloud backup before problems occur, according to the survey, which is based on feedback from 350 respondents in the IT services industry. This means many SMBs have a high risk of data loss and hold off on purchasing the services until they need them. Even though this is the case in many instances, the survey finds that business continuity and data recovery (BCDR) remains a top seller for the majority of solution providers. It also reveals that the more partners rely on backup and recovery services as a part of their overall practice, the more optimistic they are about future revenue and growth. Here's why this market offers big opportunities for MSPs selling to SMBs.

This article was originally published on 2013-12-11