Replacing the 'M' in MSP With Other Terms

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IT service provider trend

ANALYSIS: Smart service providers are customizing their practices to focus on specialties. All these services are managed, so the 'M' in MSP is redundant.

The new definition of "data center" as an available collection of services, rather than an expensive physical plant will redefine how midmarket and smaller companies use IT, and how large corporations flex to meet changing opportunities. Service providers can now operate data centers for customers without investing a dime in infrastructure.

It's All About the Data

In the past several years, with the explosive rise of big data, companies have learned just how much they can do with data they already collect, and how much more they can achieve by collecting even more data. Processing and analyzing that data remains a challenge for them.

This makes the data scientist one of the most valuable players in tomorrow's IT landscape. Service providers will be called on to expand their roles and help customers collect, collate, process, analyze and report information and knowledge derived from all that data.  A combination of mathematical skills, statistical skills, computer capabilities and database administrator abilities, blended with an active imagination to help identify trends in the data, makes the data scientist an expensive person, but the kind of the person a new breed of IT practice can be built upon.

Service Providers

Just as medical doctors have all but abandoned "general practice" to focus on specialties, from cardiac care to ear, nose and throat, the IT service provider will diversify and focus. The time to start thinking about your future direction is now.

Howard M. Cohen is a 30-plus-year IT industry veteran who continues his commitment to the channel as a columnist and consultant.