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In this latest installment of Channel Insider: Partner POV, host Katie Bavoso welcomes Zac King, vice president of GreenBean IT, a managed service provider based in Dallas–Fort Worth, Texas. Bavoso and King delve into the intricacies of GreenBean IT’s services, particularly how they cater to clients with inconsistent finances like churches, and explore what makes a vendor trustworthy.

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Service philosophy and client base

GreenBean IT primarily serves small businesses with 20 to 200 employees across various sectors, including construction, finance, healthcare, and nonprofits.

As King explains, their key differentiator is their problem-solving approach. “We feel like being a problem solver really is one of those things that our customers need from us on a day-in, day-out basis.”

King emphasizes that they dedicate themselves to finding solutions for their clients’ diverse challenges, whether concerning technology or other areas. This approach has allowed them to cater to various businesses, as underlying issues often share commonalities despite surface-level differences.

Unique challenges and solutions for churches

One unique client segment for GreenBean IT is churches, particularly in Texas. When Bavoso asks about the unique challenges of serving church clients, King explains the distinct financial challenges churches face, relying heavily on public generosity without a predictable revenue stream.

He elaborates, “Budgeting is always the number one challenge with our church clients,” highlighting how they rely on public generosity rather than selling products or services.

Churches often have a mix of volunteers and paid staff, leading to fluctuating personnel and responsibilities. To address these challenges, GreenBean IT crafts flexible solutions tailored to churches’ specific needs and budgets, often seeking vendors that offer special pricing or benefits for nonprofits.

Building trust with vendors

When discussing vendors, King emphasizes the importance of trust and consistency, citing Scale Computing as a prime example. “Every interaction with them lines up with what they say,” King remarks, appreciating how Scale Computing’s actions match its promises.

This level of reliability is crucial, as it ensures that GreenBean IT can confidently implement solutions without fearing unexpected issues or misrepresentations from vendors. Trust is fundamental in both client and vendor relationships. Delivering on promises and maintaining integrity can set a business apart.

Trends and challenges in the IT sector

Staying informed about industry trends and client challenges allows service providers to offer relevant and practical solutions. Bavoso’s inquiry into current client challenges reveals a landscape marked by rising costs and hiring difficulties. 

Client challenges and solutions

King identifies rising costs and hiring challenges as common issues businesses face today. To address these, GreenBean IT focuses on practical technology solutions that can supplement the workforce or pivot the business model entirely. “Our challenge is understanding what we can do in a practical way to help them get through those challenges,” he explains, emphasizing the need to cut through marketing fluff and demonstrate tangible value.

As a technology provider, GreenBean IT offers solutions that help clients navigate these issues, such as implementing cybersecurity measures or leveraging AI tools. King stresses the importance of simplifying complex technological solutions to ensure clients understand their value and can make informed decisions.

The impact of AI and cybersecurity

When Bavoso mentions AI’s impact on security, King acknowledges its dual-edged nature.

Security remains a top concern, especially with the advent of AI. King stresses the importance of educating clients about the risks of using AI, mainly when it involves sensitive data. “What is free actually costs us the most because we’re having to give up some level of privacy,” he warns, advocating for a cautious approach to AI adoption.

He highlights the dual threat AI poses: Malicious actors use it to enhance their attacks, and clients inadvertently compromise their data through AI tools. Educating clients about the risks and helping them weigh the costs of breaches versus secure implementations is key to the service provider’s IT strategy.

Lessons learned and advice for aspiring IT providers

Reflecting on his journey, King advises new IT solution providers to seek out peer groups where they can share both successes and struggles. “Find other people who are willing to talk about their struggles as much as they are their successes,” he recommends, stressing the significance of learning from others’ experiences.

Understanding that everyone faces challenges can provide valuable perspective and support. He encourages openness and humility, emphasizing the importance of learning from others’ experiences and being willing to ask for help.

King also underscores the essence of expressing gratitude and building relationships. Taking the time to thank mentors, peers, and clients can open doors to invaluable advice and opportunities. He suggests simple gestures, like taking someone to lunch, can lead to profound insights that might otherwise take years to discover.

You can contact GreenBean IT through its website for more information on its services and technical expertise.

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