IT systems management software vendor Kaseya has launched two new
products to help IT professionals manage and view their networks.

The Kaseya Directory Services product lets customers automate the
process of syncing Microsoft Active Directory infrastructure to be
visible from within the Kaseya IT Automation Framework while
maintaining uniform access and data privileges.

Kaseya Directory Services includes: Active Directory integration;
password reset and disable account functionality; unified login access
and a bundled set of alerts and notifications.

The new Kaseya Policy Management solution streamlines setting, creating
and remotely applying IT policies to groups across a distributed
organization by group or machine. It lets administrators define,
publish and manage service level agreements in one location. It also
allows for automated policy assignment for new machines.

Through its dashboard, users can see the overall status of policies in
the system, highlighting metrics like the number of machines in or out
of compliance.

"Managing multiple security models across the enterprise is a constant
challenge for IT organizations until now," Gerald Beaulieu, director of
product marketing for Kaseya, said in a statement. 

"The Kaseya Directory Services module can now link customers’ existing
organizational investment in Active Directory into their Kaseya
environment, ensuring security access and privileges are uniform within
Kaseya. With Kaseya Policy Management module, IT managers can now
ensure uniformity of settings applied to the machines under their
management and quickly identify machines not adhering to the defined
policy," he said.

Both the the Kaseya Directory Services and Kaseya Policy Management
modules are immediately available for new and existing Kaseya customers
and can be bought as a subscription or as a perpetual license.