N-able Technologies is doing the same thing for hardware-as-a-service that it did for managed services.

The managed services platform vendor turned its model of built-in best practices and contacts for managed services on hardware, with a unit and program to assist its Velocity partners in adding hardware-as-a-service to their lineup cards.

The program includes the usual from N-able: an assessment of requirements from staff to software, tutorial resources, engagement step-by-steps and pricing benchmarks.

Most importantly, N-able said it has arrangements with several leasing companies to provide the most basic piece of HaaS: financing.

Several distributors and vendors, most notably Cisco and IBM, have financing programs that allow VARs to pass on the payment-over-time option to customers. Some vendors, such as Lexmark, have even made hardware-as-a-service possible for their own wares, but N-able is the first hardware-less vendor to take on HaaS.

For N-able’s part, the company likely recognizes software runs on hardware and hardware leasing completes managed services.