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1 - A State of ConfusionA State of Confusion

About three in 10 organizations have adopted managed services, which may include SaaS applications such as or Google Apps, although there are no actual contracts with MSPs. Translation: “true” managed services use may fall below 29%.

2 - Embracing Managed ServicesEmbracing Managed Services

58% of organizations have used managed services for some or all of their IT needs between two to five years. That’s up from 51% in 2011. Another 29% of the 2013 respondents have used managed services for more than five years.

3 - Impact on IT DepartmentsImpact on IT Departments

After contracting with an MSP, 6% of organizations eliminated their in-house IT staff, 26% reduced head count and 53% made no changes.

4 - Security Trumps IT ProblemsSecurity Trumps IT Problems

The top factor driving organizations to adopt managed services is to improve security, followed by proactively addressing IT problems. Other top factors include better uptime, access to newer technologies, cost savings, peace of mind, free internal staff for strategic work, access to cloud solutions, lack of internal IT and remote office IT.

5 - Cost Savings Is Always a FactorCost Savings Is Always a Factor

57% of respondents said cost savings is their primary reason for adopting managed services. Among these respondents, more than one-third, across all company sizes, expect significant savings over time.

6 - Buying Clout ShiftsBuying Clout Shifts

Although IT execs are the biggest decision-makers (48%) behind a move to managed services, three in 10 organizations said non-IT executives such as CFOs, GMs, and procurement officers make those decisions.

7 - Technology Accelerates DemandTechnology Accelerates Demand

Nearly seven in 10 midsized to large companies said they are looking at MSPs to become more proactive about technology.

8 - Satisfied CustomersSatisfied Customers

77% of organizations across all company types said the transition to managed services went according to expectations and 16% said the process exceeded expectations.

9 - Training Is RequiredTraining Is Required

Four in 10 organizations report that their MSPs provided on-site training sessions as part of the adoption process, and the trend is increasing.

10 - Business PrioritiesBusiness Priorities

56% of respondents report that reducing costs/overhead is the biggest priority in the next 12 months, followed by improving staff productivity/capabilities (52%) and reaching new customer segments (50%).