PSA vendor ConnectWise announced today an integration with online IT marketplace OnForce, and then ConnectWise retracted the press release, saying it was erroneous.

Both companies acknowledged to Channel Insider today that the release was a mistake.

"We’re aware of the erroneous press release regarding a joint integration and regret any confusion," Maria Battaglia, senior vice president of marketing at OnForce, tells Channel Insider. "While we’ve had preliminary discussions, there’s no formal relationship between the companies at this time."

Battaglia’s statement matches almost exactly a statement that was issued by ConnectWise today, calling the release erroneous.

Both companies declined to comment further.

OnForce already has established a partnership with ConnectWise rival AutoTask.

The press release about a deal still in early discussion stages follows another PR gaff by ConnectWise less than a month ago.

When ConnectWise announced plans to acquire the PSA assets and customers of CoreConnex, the press release also quoted ConnectWise CEO Arnie Bellini as saying the company will also investigate other acquisitions, including rival AutoTask. ConnectWise’s COO later dismissed that notion, saying the company was not in active talks with AutoTask.