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1Top 5 Ways to Address IT’s Cloud Computing Security Concerns

Cloud Strategy and Cloud Policy Development ServicesRecent research released from CA shows that over half of IT organizations are adopting cloud services in some manner today. Yet, few have nailed down a complete strategy and policy for moving data and applications to the cloud. Solution Providers need to be a client’s strategic partner and help formulate strict policies tailored to their unique needs, including what is appropriate to move to the cloud and fully evaluating deployments before taking the leap.

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Some things, not all things belong in the cloudShoot straight on what is well-suited for the cloud and what is not. IT is leery of posting very sensitive information in the cloud like patient records, intellectual property and credit card information. Don’t push until cloud services become more pervasive. Instead, start with less-sensitive solutions addressing email security, web email, and sales management solutions are easy arguments to make.

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Cloud Security Policies and Risk Mitigation The study showed 47% of IT pros don’t believe cloud services are evaluated for security prior to deployment. Solution providers better have an answer – provide detailed security analysis to assure customers whatever they put in the cloud is locked down.

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Tell a clear story on the security benefits your cloud services provideOnly 14 percent of respondents believe cloud computing would actually improve their organization’s security posture. Have a clear solution story that defines how your cloud services not only are secure, but how it benefits the whole of your customer’s overall security strategy.

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Set-up Privileged User AccessLess than 30% of respondents were confident they could control privileged user access to sensitive data in the cloud. Make sure cloud services provide a fool-proof system for groupings and individual user access to allay concerns.