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1The State Of The Data Center

The 509,147 data centers worldwide occupy 285,831,541 square feet of property.

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That’s the size of 5,955 football fields.

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1.2 trillion GB of data will be generated over the course of this year.

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That’s like handing every person on earth 10 16GB iPods.

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If you took all the information consumed by an hour’s internet traffic, burned it to DVDs, and laid them side-by-side, they would span from the base to the peak of Mount Everest–95 times.

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Based on a U.S. average, the 509,147 datacenters around the world experienced 2.5 complete outages each per year.

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The length of the average data center outage was 134 minutes.

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The world’s datacenters log roughly 2,842,737 hours of downtime per year.

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At a cost of $300,000 per hour, that’s a loss of $426 billion per year.

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In just ten years, the average server has jumped in compute capacity by a factor of 45.