Taking a Look Inside the AWS Public Cloud


1 - Taking a Look Inside the AWS Public CloudTaking a Look Inside the AWS Public Cloud

A report from Sumo Logic provides insight into software usage across the Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud. Some of the findings are surprising.

2 - Operating System Distribution in the Public CloudOperating System Distribution in the Public Cloud

Approximately 82% of the operating system instances deployed on AWS are derivatives of Linux, versus 16% for Windows. In contrast, Sumo Logic data suggests that 96% of the operating system instances running on the Microsoft Azure cloud are based on Windows.

3 - Database Usage on AWSDatabase Usage on AWS

58% of the databases deployed on AWS are of the NoSQL variety, and relational databases account for 42%. Redis, MySQL/RDS and MongoDB account for 50% of database deployments on AWS. Oracle and Microsoft collectively account for less than 7%.

4 - Usage of S/3 StorageUsage of S/3 Storage

72% of AWS customers use S/3 storage in a production environment alongside AWS infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) offerings.

5 - Web Server Usage on AWSWeb Server Usage on AWS

The open-source NGINX project leads with 41%, followed by the Apache open-source web server project at 37% and Microsoft IIS software at 22%.

6 - AWS SecurityAWS Security

Just over half (52%) rely on AWS CloudTrail services to secure their AWS environment.

7 - Docker Gains on AWSDocker Gains on AWS

While it’s still early days in terms of deploying Docker containers in a production environment, 18% of the production applications monitored are based on Docker containers.

8 - Rise of Serverless ComputingRise of Serverless Computing

As an alternative to microservices, the Lambda service that AWS launched to create a service that dynamically scales up and down is now being used by 12% of the organizations studied.

9 - Usage of Content Delivery NetworksUsage of Content Delivery Networks

AWS CloudFront leads at 11%, followed by Akamai at 7% and Fastly at 6%.

Michael Vizard
Michael Vizard
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