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Data loss

1 - The True Cost of Data LossThe True Cost of Data Loss

Nearly a third (31%) of the SMBs polled said it would cost them more than $500,000 if they lost their data, and 23% said it would cost them $100,000 to $499,999.

2 - Preparation of SMBs for Data LossPreparation of SMBs for Data Loss

Surprisingly, 42% say they are fully prepared for a data loss situation while another 47% are somewhat prepared.

3 - Putting the Business at RiskPutting the Business at Risk

Of the SMBs surveyed, 18% say their business would go under if they permanently lost their data while 23% said it would be very likely.

4 - Impact of Data LossImpact of Data Loss

The No. 1 impact was a loss of profitability reported by 33% of respondents; 32% pointed to missed business opportunities as an impact.

5 - Last Time Backed Up All Files and DocumentsLast Time Backed Up All Files and Documents

A full 32% say they backed up all files and documents as of that day, and 45% say they did so in the last week.

6 - Percentage of Data Being Backed UpPercentage of Data Being Backed Up

63% say they back up more than 75% of their data.

7 - The Backup LocationThe Backup Location

The vast majority, 70%, rely on an external storage device, but 56% say they also use the cloud.

8 - Level of Employee Trust to Back Up FilesLevel of Employee Trust to Back Up Files

Surprisingly, 33% of respondents trust their employees completely while 53% trust them most of the time.

9 - Use of Encryption During BackupUse of Encryption During Backup

About 36% of SMB sites encrypt more than 75% of their back up data; 18% encrypt 50% to 75% of it.

10 - Likelihood of a Security BreachLikelihood of a Security Breach

In the next 12 months, 12% say it is very likely their systems with be hacked, and 11% say it is somewhat likely. Yet 47% say it is somewhat unlikely, and 30% say it’s very unlikely.

11 - Rogue IT Raises Ugly HeadRogue IT Raises Ugly Head

While 18% strongly agree that end users making their own IT decisions is a definite problem, another 31% agree somewhat that it is. The other half, however, are not as concerned.

12 - Personal Cloud Application UsagePersonal Cloud Application Usage

While 29% say 1% to 10% of their employees are using personal applications for work, another 33% put the number at 21% or more.

13 - Employee Understanding of Data Protection PoliciesEmployee Understanding of Data Protection Policies

When asked to provide a ranking from A to F, 73% gave their employees either a B or a C.