Taking a Look Inside the AWS Public Cloud

By Michael Vizard

A new report issued by Sumo Logic shines a spotlight on what's occurring inside Amazon Web Services (AWS), the world's largest public cloud computing environment. Not surprisingly, Linux is the dominant operating system environment. But, in terms of databases, it might surprise solution providers to learn just how low the adoption of Oracle and Microsoft databases is on AWS. In fact, the dominant type of database deployed on AWS is of the NoSQL variety. Also of note to solution providers across the channel is the rapid adoption of Docker containers and the serverless computing framework called Lambda. While usage of these emerging technologies is still below 20 percent, roughly one out of five Sumo Logic customers is now employing one of these technologies in a production environment. Overall, solution providers should recognize the fact that AWS is essentially a platform for distributing all kinds of software on top of the AWS infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS). AWS naturally has the inside lead when it comes to running many of these technologies on its own platform, but there's also plenty of opportunity for solution providers to make use of AWS to deploy and distribute software in just about any way they see fit.

This article was originally published on 2016-12-13