SMBs Back Up Data, but Only Half Do So in Cloud

By Michael Vizard

Change is afoot in the backup and recovery space. The amount of data that needs to be backed up has never been greater, which is a key reason that more small and midsize businesses (SMB) now rely on the cloud to back up their data. A new survey of 500 IT professionals conducted by Carbonite, a provider of data protection appliances and cloud backup services, finds that smaller IT organizations are fairly aggressive when it comes to backing up data, but only about half of them are using cloud services as part of that process. That creates a significant opportunity for solution providers in the channel to help the half of the market not using cloud services to back up their data. At a time when most of those businesses are more dependent on data than ever, 31 percent of the SMBs surveyed would incur costs of more than half a million dollars if they lost their data, the survey shows. Once a solution provider exposes a customer to data-protection services delivered via the cloud, the sky's the limit for all the other cloud services that could be introduced from there.

This article was originally published on 2014-05-23