Shadow IT Cloud Apps Put Enterprises at Risk

By Gina Roos

Opportunities are abundant for service providers that can help enterprises mitigate the risks of unsanctioned or shadow IT cloud applications that can introduce security problems, such as the potential for data exposure or theft. As cloud app use continues to grow, it presents a higher risk of non-approved applications used by information employees. It's no surprise that research from CipherCloud indicates that publishing apps (such as WordPress and Adobe Creative Cloud), social media sites (including LinkedIn and Twitter) and career sites (such as Indeed and Resumonk) are ranked as the most risky cloud categories. Organizations are underestimating the level of shadow IT in their cloud ecosystems, according to a new report on cloud use and risks from CipherCloud, a cloud security provider. The "Cloud Adoption & Risk Report in North America & Europe–2014 Trends" report is based on the activity of CipherCloud's millions of users during the 2014 calendar year. A key finding indicates that the cloud is entering enterprises at a record rate, which has resulted in hundreds of high-risk cloud applications being used across North American and European organizations. Here are 10 key findings from the research.

This article was originally published on 2015-02-27