Productivity App Use in Cloud Shifts to Microsoft

By Michael Vizard

Using automated analysis droids based in the cloud has enabled Bitglass, a provider of cloud access security broker software, to generate a Cloud Adoption Report based on real-world traffic data gathered from 120,000 organizations. The report finds a major spike in the use of cloud productivity applications, but much of that spike can be attributed to the adoption of Microsoft Office 365. Perhaps, more telling, however, is how much of that Microsoft Office 365 adoption is significantly outpacing the use of Google Apps, especially in large public companies. None of this may come as a huge surprise to Microsoft cloud partners in the channel, but the report also suggests there is now a strong link between the perceived levels of IT security surrounding a cloud application and the willingness of an organization to actually adopt it. All in all, as cloud computing continues to rapidly mature across the enterprise, the number of organizations willing to make the shift to the cloud appears to be accelerating. Channel Insider examines key findings of the study.

This article was originally published on 2015-09-04