OpenStack Enters the Realm of Mainstream Adoption

By Michael Vizard

People have been talking for some time about the potential of the OpenStack cloud management framework to change the way IT is managed. OpenStack is finally crossing the proverbial divide into mainstream adoption, according to the findings of a survey of nearly 650 IT pros that was conducted by Talligent, a provider of tools for tracking cloud service costs, and VMblog. The two primary drivers of OpenStack adoption are the perception that public cloud services will be too expensive over the long haul and the desire to make internal IT organizations more responsive to businesses' needs. While OpenStack is often associated with "cloud native" apps, the majority of the IT pros polled expect OpenStack to be able to address most of their application workloads. The survey finds that the biggest beneficiary of the shift may be the Microsoft Azure platform—largely at the expense of proprietary platforms, such as those from VMware and Amazon Web Services. From a channel perspective, the most significant thing about the open-source framework may be the fact that 85 percent of the respondents said they expect to pay for support when deploying OpenStack in a production environment.

This article was originally published on 2016-04-08