Multiple Clouds Are the New IT Norm

By Michael Vizard

The biggest issue solution providers need to grasp is not whether IT organizations are going to embrace cloud computing, but rather questions regarding the rate at which they will do so and in what form. The use of all forms of cloud computing is maturing at a rapid clip, suggests a new study conducted by IDC on behalf of Cisco. Based on a survey of 6,159 director- and higher-level execs, the study finds that not only are nearly seven in 10 respondents using some form of cloud computing, but crafting hybrid cloud computing strategies is now also a priority. Perhaps the most interesting finding from a solution provider perspective, however, is that as IT organizations gain more confidence in their cloud capabilities, they are more willing to adopt other emerging technologies, such as microservices and internet of things applications. In the meantime, however, less than a third of the respondents have figured out how to implement repeatable cloud practices, which suggests that demand for cloud management expertise should remain high. In fact, Cisco has unveiled cloud migration services it hopes channel partners will opt enthusiastically to resell. Channel Insider examines key takeaways from the study.

This article was originally published on 2016-09-23