Loss of Cloud Control Creates Channel Opportunities

By Michael Vizard

Although cloud adoption is up significantly at the end of 2014, cloud computing may be on the tip of spinning out of control within the majority of IT organizations, according to a new survey of 1,200 IT pros conducted by ScienceLogic, an IT monitoring platform vendor. For solution providers across the channel, that lack of control may provide a golden opportunity in 2015. It's clear that most IT organizations will be casting about for a way to regain control over cloud computing both inside their own data centers and external public cloud services. At the very least, that means they will be looking for new management tools that enable them to establish that control. At the very most, they will look to managed service providers to exercise that control on their behalf. In fact, 41 percent of survey respondents said that even while they were expanding their investments in the cloud, the size of their internal IT staff was shrinking. Solution providers may not always be enthralled with the idea that more IT infrastructure than ever is moving into the public cloud. But the good news is that somebody eventually has to manage it all.

This article was originally published on 2014-12-30