Keeping Up With Security Needs Cloud Apps Create

By Gina Roos

As the adoption of public cloud applications continues to rise based on the growth in the volume of accounts, files, collaboration and connected third-party cloud applications, the threat of cyber-attacks increases, according to a new report from CloudLock, a provider of cloud data security. The report looks at anonymized usage data that includes 77,500-plus apps, 750 million files and 6 million users in the cloud. Key findings show that organizations have an average of 100,000 files containing sensitive data stored in the public cloud and 4,000 instances of exposed credentials—all potential security threats. With third-party app installs (user-enabled software-as-a-service apps that communicate with corporate SaaS platforms) on the rise that often request more than the basic profile information and files, come greater cyber-security and data-protection concerns around exposing sensitive data. It's even worse when super-administrators who have the highest privileges are downloading these third-party apps, exposing their companies to greater security threats. Here's why security professionals should keep up with increased security demands in the cloud.

This article was originally published on 2015-05-29