Docker Container Use Continues to Pick Up Speed

By Michael Vizard

In terms of transformative technologies, there has been nothing in recent memory quite like Docker containers. Major vendors are rushing to support containers. A new survey of more than 500 IT professionals conducted by Docker Inc. finds that more than half report running at least one container application in a production environment. It's still not clear to what degree those apps are running on top of virtual machines versus bare-metal servers. However, Docker is rapidly transforming virtualization as solution providers across the channel once knew it. At the moment, most enterprise IT organizations are deploying containers on top of virtual machines. But as container technology matures, it's only a matter of time before containers start to replace traditional hypervisors. In the meantime, solution providers would be well-advised to take note of the increased use of containers and the rise of microservices that promise to change the way apps are integrated. The challenge facing solution providers and their customers is how best to go about absorbing a massive amount of change that is occurring now across the enterprise at an unprecedented rate. We look at key takeaways from the study.

This article was originally published on 2016-04-25