Data Analytics, Cloud and Mobile to Boost Tech Vendor Sales

By Dennis McCafferty

Today's technology disrupters are turning out to be far more than mere buzzwords. Cloud and mobile revenues are outpacing expectations, and data and analytics are predicted to continue to pick up steam in the next two years, according to technology executives surveyed for KPMG's June 2014 Technology Industry Outlook. Nearly all vendors surveyed foresee revenue increases, and many will step up their mergers and acquisitions plans to access new technologies and expand their customer base, the study findings revealed. "Reflecting the critical importance of positioning their companies for the next wave of emerging technologies, tech leaders cited competitive differentiation and anticipating customer 'wants' as leading innovation drivers," the report said. Additionally, "the tech sector's emphasis is shifting to helping customers apply growing volumes of data, sensor connectivity and predictive analytics to create new business models in consumer and enterprise markets." A total of 100 tech industry executives, primarily C-suite and senior leadership, took part in the KPMG study. Take a look at key findings.

This article was originally published on 2014-06-13