Container Adoption Continues to Pick Up Speed

By Michael Vizard

Enterprises' shift to containers is poised to accelerate rapidly, according a survey of 138 IT professionals conducted by O'Reilly Media on behalf of Ruxit, which provides application performance monitoring tools. Considered a lightweight alternative to traditional approaches to virtualization, most container adoption has been driven by the developer community's enthusiasm. Yet, as apps built using Docker containers move into production, IT operations teams are starting to see much higher utilization rates of IT infrastructure. Docker containers are by far the most widely deployed form of containers; 40 percent of those surveyed have already deployed a container app in a production environment. For solution providers, the rise of containers will affect everything from the number of servers organizations need to the demand for tools to manage thousands of containers that can be deployed easily. Although where all those containers will wind up running is less clear, the rise of containers as part of a shift toward modern microservices architectures in the enterprise might be the decade's most transformational technology.

This article was originally published on 2015-11-18