Cloud VARs Seek Better Ways to Share Feedback

By Dennis McCafferty

The cloud is not your father's channel vehicle. Vendors need to know that cloud-based VARs require different approaches to offering their feedback. The majority aren't satisfied with the way their vendors receive and respond to their input, according to a recent survey from ZS Associates. Most VARs in more traditional channels are having a notably positive experience. Much of the research involves overall sentiments about vendors' "voice of partner" (VoP) programs, which develop competitive insights using data and feedback from sales-channel partners. There appear to be differences in satisfaction levels among VARs that command large revenue and those that don't—in addition to those dealing in software versus hardware. "More than two-thirds of high-tech revenue flows through channel partners," said John DeSarbo, principal at ZS, a global sales and marketing consulting firm. "Today, though, the channel is going through a period of tremendous change. Failure to keep up with these changes and improve partner collaboration in such a tumultuous market will inevitably create dissatisfaction among partners and end-users—and lead to missed sales opportunities." Here are key takeaways from the study.

This article was originally published on 2014-04-04