10 Key Facts About Cloud Migration Challenges

By Gina Roos

Cloud adoption continues to ramp up as organizations look at improving business performance and reducing costs, according to an online survey from cloud migration specialist CloudEndure. The 2016 Cloud Migration Survey of 258 IT professionals finds that the biggest reasons for organizations to move some of their workloads to the cloud are to improve performance (including high availability and reliability), security and compliance. Cost savings is also a big priority. The typical workloads IT pros are looking to migrate include testing/development, Web applications, Websites and databases. However, the migrations aren't always easy. The biggest challenges they face include reducing downtime, mitigating the impact of performance issues on production and minimizing data loss. This is where channel partners can play a role in deployments and management services to ensure the migrations go as smoothly and cost-effectively as possible. In some cases, customers may not have the resources, technical expertise, or even the bandwidth to implement and manage these projects. Channel Insider examines key survey takeaways that suggest growing opportunities for channel partners in the cloud space.

This article was originally published on 2016-04-28