10 Facts the Channel Should Know About Containers

By Michael Vizard

Use of containers, especially in the form of Docker, has emerged as one of the fastest growing technologies in recent memory. The challenge for solution providers is figuring out where those containers will manifest themselves in production environments. A survey of 272 IT professionals in North America conducted by Twistlock, a provider of security software for containers, finds that, for the most part, IT organizations are deploying containers on top of virtual machines running both on-premise and in the cloud. Even more surprising is that more than half the respondents said they were running more than 100 containers during normal IT operations. Those numbers would be significantly higher if it were not for the fact that a number of container security issues still need to be addressed. In the meantime, solution providers across the channel would do well to take note of how containers are enabling the development of microservices that promise to forever change how applications are built, deployed and managed. Channel Insider looks at key takeaways from the study.

This article was originally published on 2015-10-09