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Shadow IT and file sharing

1 - Password Management: A Major Compliance HeadachePassword Management: A Major Compliance Headache

In the age of shadow IT, no one is in charge of passwords: 89% of former employees retained access to passwords.

2 - File-Sharing Services Are the Worst Compliance IssueFile-Sharing Services Are the Worst Compliance Issue

People think of these services as their own personal cloud; 88% retained access to file-sharing services they used in their old jobs.

3 - Taking Work Home From the Office ForeverTaking Work Home From the Office Forever

No one ever remembers to actually delete anything: 68% stored work files in a personal storage cloud.

4 - Top Sites Where Former Employees Retain Access to Corporate DataTop Sites Where Former Employees Retain Access to Corporate Data

Every cloud service is a potential source of compliance risk. Dropbox and Google top the list, at 44% and 40%, respectively.

5 - Financial and Customer Data at RiskFinancial and Customer Data at Risk

The issue is hardly limited to file-sharing services; 24% of users still have access to a PayPal account, 21% have access to Facebook and 18% have access to LinkedIn.

6 - Sensitive Corporate Data at RiskSensitive Corporate Data at Risk

The amount of sensitive corporate data at risk is substantial. Almost half (45%) admitted to retaining access to sensitive corporate data.

7 - Former Employees Regularly Access Corporate DataFormer Employees Regularly Access Corporate Data

No one is really sure who is actually logging into those cloud services: 49% logged into an account after leaving the company.

8 - HR Professionals Need EducationHR Professionals Need Education

Passwords are more important than company ID cards. A full 60% were not asked for cloud log-ins when exiting their companies.