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Cloud security risk

1 - High AdoptionHigh Adoption

The average global enterprise uses more than 1,100 cloud apps. This translates into more than 1,245 cloud apps at a North American enterprise, vs. 981 applications at a European company.

2 - Underestimating 'Shadow IT'Underestimating ‘Shadow IT’

On average, 86% of cloud apps used by enterprises are unsanctioned shadow IT. In North America, the rate is higher, at 88%, and in Europe, it’s 82%.

3 - Risky BehaviorRisky Behavior

An average of 56 high-risk clouds per organization were found in North America, vs. 42 high-risk clouds in Europe. This translates into more than 300 users per organization employing high-risk clouds in 2014.

4 - Biggest OffendersBiggest Offenders

Publishing, social and career clouds are 2014’s highest-risk cloud categories: 52% of publishing apps are rated high risk, followed by social (42%) and career clouds (40%). Software development, cloud storage, IT infrastructure, CRM, HR and business management apps also pose risks for businesses.

5 - No LaggardsNo Laggards

Europe is narrowing the cloud adoption gap. Research results find that European enterprises leverage the cloud just as much as in North America. An average European organization uses 80% as many cloud apps in 2014.

6 - Closing the GapClosing the Gap

Top cloud apps used by European enterprises are virtually the same categories as North American companies. North American enterprises used an average of 94 IT infrastructure and 68 analytics cloud applications, compared with 69 IT infrastructure and 58 analytics cloud apps in Europe.

7 - No Safe HarborNo Safe Harbor

70% of U.S. cloud apps used by European organizations do not have Safe Harbor certification. In CipherCloud’s data set, only 9% of the clouds used by European enterprises were either based in Europe or in European-approved data transfer regions, and 21% were U.S. clouds and Safe Harbor approved.

8 - Social Tops in PopularitySocial Tops in Popularity

Social (254) leads with the highest average number of cloud apps accessed globally by enterprises, followed by collaboration (211) and marketing (196). Other big cloud apps in use include IT infrastructure (163), media (140), cloud storage (136), software development (129), analytics (126) and e-commerce (114).

9 - Three RecommendationsThree Recommendations

CipherCloud recommends developing a multi-faceted cloud governance and control framework; establishing integrated technologies to discover, protect and monitor cloud use; and managing cloud strategies proactively.