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Cloud computing choices

1 - Multiple Flavors of Cloud Computing Become IT NormMultiple Flavors of Cloud Computing Become IT Norm

There’s lots of diversity in cloud models. A new study shows the use of multiple private and public clouds is becoming the new IT norm.

2 - Use of Cloud ComputingUse of Cloud Computing

95% are using some form of the cloud; only 6% are using private cloud only and only 18% public cloud only. A full 89% also plan to use public clouds in 2016, while 77% will have a private cloud. Another 71% will have hybrid clouds. The average number of public and private clouds at company is three of each.

3 - Extent of Cloud UseExtent of Cloud Use

Just under a third (29%) are heavy users of the cloud; while 25% describe themselves as cloud explorers. Another 26% consider themselves cloud beginners.

4 - Multiple Clouds to Rule the EnterpriseMultiple Clouds to Rule the Enterprise

82% of enterprise IT organizations want to see multi-cloud environments. Just over half (55%) are betting on hybrid clouds, while 11% will have multiple private clouds and 16% will have multiple public clouds.

5 - Cloud PrioritiesCloud Priorities

The top priority for central IT teams is to leverage hybrid clouds (29%), closely followed by using public clouds (27%) and building a private cloud (23%). Using a hosted private cloud comes in at 10%.

6 - Top Cloud Computing BenefitsTop Cloud Computing Benefits

Among the top cloud computing benefits are faster access to infrastructure (62%) and greater scalability (58%). Higher availability and faster time to market both tied at 52%.

7 - Top Cloud ChallengesTop Cloud Challenges

Leading the list of challenges this year are the lack of resources/expertise (32%) and security (29%). Compliance, managing multiple clouds, and costs tied at 26%.

8 - Security Still a Major ChallengeSecurity Still a Major Challenge

However, there has been a “significant decline in security concerns” among enterprise central IT teams; 37% reported security as a significant challenge this year, down from 41% last year and 47% in 2014.

9 - Integrating DevOpsIntegrating DevOps

Just under three-quarters (74%) are adopting DevOps. Chef and Puppet adoption is running neck-and-neck, each at 32%.

10 - Docker Container AdoptionDocker Container Adoption

Nearly one in three (27%) are already using Docker containers, with another 35% planning to do so.

11 - Public Cloud Platform UsagePublic Cloud Platform Usage

In the public cloud space, 57% use Amazon Web Services. Adoption of Azure IaaS grew to 17%, while Azure PaaS reached 13%.

12 - Private Cloud UsagePrivate Cloud Usage

In the private cloud world, VMware vSphere is most widely used, at 44%, versus 19% for OpenStack and 19% for VMware vCloud Suite. Another 15% are evaluating or experimenting with VMware vSphere vs. 29% for OpenStack and 21% for VMware vCloud Suite.