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Launched in 2009, MigrationWiz by BitTitan is a SaaS solution that provides fully-automated, remote data migration. Users can move mailboxes, files, and archives from most sources to nearly any destination, including cross-platform migrations.

MigrationWiz is a top migration tool because it doesn’t require any certifications or specialized training to use, and it’s fast and scalable, making it a great option for MSPs. Here are the benefits, its drawbacks, and how it compares to other competitors on the market.

MigrationWiz Solutions and Specialties

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses had to accelerate their cloud migrations in order to enable remote work. Since they were no longer in the office, employees couldn’t get into the on-premises data and applications they needed to complete their work. MigrationWiz makes it easier for businesses to migrate their G Suite and Microsoft 365 workloads, allowing employees to access the data they need while working from home. MSPs can use MigrationWiz for their clients in a variety of scenarios.

Microsoft Teams Migrations

With MigrationWiz, MSPs can migrate up to 500 Teams each day, and the automatic discovery tool reduces the manual work they have to do to identify Teams from their source. It offers completely remote migration, so MSPs don’t have to be at their client’s office. The centralized dashboard allows users to quickly identify status and errors. Additionally, the fast speeds mean projects can be completed within two weeks, increasing the number of clients an organization can take on.

Tenant Migrations

Tenant Migration with MigrationWiz provides a single license, simplifying the pricing confusion that typically comes with tenant migrations. Migration options include any or all of Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams. And because MSPs can use the same tool for all of these workloads, it reduces the necessary training time and lowers overhead costs. The User Migration bundle includes mailboxes, documents, and personal archives, while the Flex Collaboration License covers SharePoint and Teams data.

Mailbox Migrations

MigrationWiz offers easy and fast email migrations to Microsoft 365, G Suite, and IMAP. MSPs can copy all of the different parts of a user’s mailbox and migrate them without local installation. Sources include Microsoft 365, Exchange, G Suite, Lotus Notes/Domino, Novell Groupwise, Zimbra, and IMAP/POP. For each user, MSPs can migrate up to 50GB of data and 10 passes. MigrationWiz reduces downtime more and offers better speeds than free solutions.

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Document Migrations

MSPs can also use MigrationWiz to migrate personal and shared document libraries, including files, permissions, previous versions, and metadata. End-users only pay for what they need to move, making it more cost-effective and easier to sell. The automatic discovery tool makes it easy to identify document libraries, so end users can decide which ones they want to migrate and where they want to send them. Destinations include Microsoft SharePoint and Google Drive.

Benefits of MigrationWiz

MigrationWiz is a great tool for MSPs because it’s fast, scalable, and offers helpful customer support.

Reduced Downtime

Thanks to the speed of MigrationWiz and how easy it is to use, MSPs can reduce their clients’ downtime during data migrations. Clients with less downtime are happier and see better returns on their investments, making them more likely to keep using their MSP. Additionally, the reduced downtime means that MSPs can finish projects faster, so they can take on more clients.


MigrationWiz works in multiple migration scenarios, giving MSPs the option to expand their service offerings as they grow. And because there’s no special training needed to use the platform, new employees can get started with it quickly. MSPs can also use MigrationWiz to migrate multiple workloads at once with helpful automations, giving them the ability to acquire new customers without sacrificing their level of service.

Helpful Support

MigrationWiz is run by IT veterans, meaning MSPs can get detailed help when they need it, both before and after purchase. There’s also a self-serve knowledge base that includes guides, FAQs, error lookups, and the ability to submit a ticket. Customer support is typically delivered via email. The support team is very helpful though and will provide thorough explanations.

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Cons of MigrationWiz

While a helpful tool overall, MigrationWiz does have some drawbacks that MSPs should consider.

Demo Videos

MigrationWiz dashboard.

Some of the demo videos for MigrationWiz assume knowledge that users might not have, including a lot of technical terms or tool-specific lingo. While the tool looks fairly easy to use, customers looking for self-service help are probably better off going to the help center. Not only that, but the demo videos are also behind an email wall, which could get frustrating for users who’ve already purchased the tool.

Possible Turnover

Based on some recent reviews, it seems like there may have been some major turnover within the company in the last month or so, especially on the support side. If that’s the case, current customers may not get the service they’re accustomed to, and new users may have more trouble getting started with the platform. MSPs should contact support before purchasing licenses to gauge how responsive and helpful the team can be for them.

MigrationWiz Competitors

It doesn’t appear to have much critical recognition, but overall, MigrationWiz has very good reviews, although they seem to have dropped slightly within the past year. Most people claimed it was easy to use and set up and that the interface was intuitive. However, some users did note that customers can’t get phone support unless they pay more, which is frustrating for enterprise users. At least one user also had trouble getting the agents to sync properly, causing a major delay in their migration.

MigrationWiz has several competitors that MSPs might also want to consider. Here’s how they match up with each. For a full list of the best cloud migration tools, check out our article on the Top Cloud & Application Migration Tools.

Help Desk Migration Services

Help Desk Migration Services offers many more source and destination options than MigrationWiz, which seems to focus mainly on Microsoft products. However, pricing isn’t available on the Help Desk website, and it looks like they could have even more license options than MigrationWiz does, increasing the confusion. Additionally Help Desk seems to focus on help desk and email migration (as the name might suggest), while MigrationWiz includes document migration, as well as Teams and SharePoint.


Like MigrationWiz, ShareGate focuses most of its efforts on Microsoft technology, moving Microsoft 365, Teams, and SharePoint workloads. The pricing is much simpler, only offering a single license fee to use the system, but it is very expensive, costing several thousand dollars per license per year, although there are discounts for multi-year plans. If there aren’t going to be many people using the system, that might be okay, but large MSPs may need to look elsewhere. ShareGate doesn’t include options for migration G Suite workloads, like MigrationWiz does.


CloudM offers migration services for both Microsoft 365 and G Suite workloads, like MigrationWiz. However, pricing is not available on the CloudM website, meaning MSPs will need to contact the company to get more information. CloudM does seem to have better support options than MigrationWiz, including remote support with screenshare and support response time SLAs.

MigrationWiz Pricing

Most of the licensing options for MigrationWiz are priced per user, and there are different types of licenses depending on the type of migration a company is performing. The license structure can be confusing, and it could be cost-prohibitive for organizations looking to migrate a large number of users. It’s not clear whether or not there are discounts on bulk license purchases.

Overall, MigrationWiz seems to be a solid option for MSPs that specialize in Microsoft product migrations, including Teams and SharePoint. It seems easy to use, and the knowledge base should allow users to get answers to their questions quickly. MSPs should look closely at the different types of licenses before purchasing and consider talking to support about their project to make sure they’re buying the correct type.

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