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1IT Forecast Increasing Cloudiness

More than 70 percent said that by 2014, a third of all IT organizations will be providers of cloud services to customers or business partners.

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Almost 80 percent of IT executives said that cloud service brokers that provide integration, management, security and other services across public cloud offerings will emerge as powerful industry players by 2015.

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Nearly two-thirds of those surveyed agreed that several IT vendors will stumble badly in the transition to the cloud over the next three years, putting them at risk of becoming the next Wang or DEC, according to IDC.

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Nearly half of IT executives said that major cloud providers will have addressed uptime concerns so effectively in the next three years that reliability will be a non-issue in moving enterprises to the cloud.

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Most executives said that security — a chief impediment to cloud services –- will instead become a major accelerator by 2015.

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More than 80 percent of the respondents said that one-third of Fortune 1000 enterprises will deploy at least one business-critical system in the cloud.

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More than half of the IT executives surveyed believe that mobile-optimized cloud services will be a primary interface with customers by 2014.