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Hybrid clouds

1 - Hybrid Cloud Adoption RisesHybrid Cloud Adoption Rises

More than a quarter (27%) have deployed a hybrid cloud, representing a 9% increase since 2013.

2 - Benefits of Hybrid CloudBenefits of Hybrid Cloud

79% said they expect to gain a competitive edge from megatrends, such as cloud, mobile, social and big data.

3 - Reasons for Adopting a Hybrid CloudReasons for Adopting a Hybrid Cloud

IT organizations want the financial benefits of hybrid cloud without compromising security: 64% cited the need for both increased agility and security.

4 - Not All In on the Public CloudNot All In on the Public Cloud

Only 16% of respondents would be willing to host any application on a public cloud. The apps that most respondents would not be willing to put in the public cloud include financial planning (39%), human capital management (35%) and ERP (32%).

5 - IT Automation Key to Hybrid SuccessIT Automation Key to Hybrid Success

Manual processes no longer scale in the age of the cloud; 74% said increasing automation in their infrastructure is imperative to business growth.

6 - Internal IT Organization's RoleInternal IT Organization’s Role

The role of the internal IT organization is changing. A full 71% said IT must start to serve as in-house brokers for on-demand services to help business growth.

7 - Shortage of Skills and KnowledgeShortage of Skills and Knowledge

35% said their organizations don’t have the right level of skills and knowledge to achieve business priorities.

8 - Training a ChallengeTraining a Challenge

A full 69% said training IT staff to keep pace with megatrends—such as cloud, mobile, social and big data—will be a challenge for their organizations in the next year or two.