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File sync and share

1 - File-Sync and -Share Battle Heats UpFile-Sync and -Share Battle Heats Up

A survey of large enterprises finds that Amazon and Microsoft are locked in a fight for control over file-synchronization and -sharing services.

2 - Making the FSS DecisionMaking the FSS Decision

IT managers dominate the decision process. Just over a third (36%) identified the IT director followed by the CIO, at 20%, and the vice president of IT, at 15%.

3 - Amount of FSS Flexibility Afforded EmployeesAmount of FSS Flexibility Afforded Employees

Half the respondents (50%) said employees can opt to use a range of FSS options sanctioned by IT. A little more than a third (36%) block access to unsanctioned FSS via their firewall.

4 - FSS Offering Approved for UseFSS Offering Approved for Use

Microsoft SharePoint tops the list, at 38%, followed by Dropbox, at 26%, and Microsoft OneDrive, at 23%.

5 - FSS Offering Most Widely UsedFSS Offering Most Widely Used

Microsoft SharePoint tops the list, at 20%, followed by Microsoft OneDrive, at nearly 15%. Third is Dropbox, at 10%, followed by Citrix ShareFile, at 9%.

6 - Satisfaction with FSS SolutionSatisfaction with FSS Solution

More than 97% report being satisfied, with more than 60% being very satisfied.

7 - FSS Solution Adoption PlansFSS Solution Adoption Plans

In the next 12 months, 21% of those IT organizations that do use FSS plan to adopt a new one, while 13% that don’t said they will.

8 - Reasons for Adopting New FSSReasons for Adopting New FSS

Just over half (51%) cited a need for better teamwork and collaboration, while 46% cited the need to support remote employees and 41% said the ability to back up notebooks was a decision-driver.

9 - FSS Offering With Most AwarenessFSS Offering With Most Awareness

Amazon Cloud Drive and Google Drive top the list in a virtual tie, at 71%. Apple iCloud and Dropbox tied for third, at 66%.

10 -Top FSS Offerings Actually Being ConsideredTop FSS Offerings Actually Being Considered

Amazon Cloud Drive tops the list at 40%, followed by Microsoft OneDrive and Microsoft SharePoint, each tied at 30%.

11 - FSS PreferencesFSS Preferences

All things being equal, more than 87% would prefer to own and manage their own FSS solution and more than half (53%) said they would not work with a cloud service provider that co-mingles data.