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Private and public clouds

1 - Mission-Critical Apps in the Private CloudMission-Critical Apps in the Private Cloud

75% of organizations surveyed run some mission-critical applications in their private cloud, up from 71% in 2013.

2 - Mission-Critical Apps in the Public CloudMission-Critical Apps in the Public Cloud

Almost half (47%) of the companies surveyed run some mission-critical apps in the public cloud, an increase from 33% in 2013.

3 - Company Size MattersCompany Size Matters

60% of large firms run more than half their mission-critical apps in the private cloud; 37% run more than three-fourths of these apps in the cloud.

4 - Below-Par ReadinessBelow-Par Readiness

30% of respondents said their cloud app service availability readiness isn’t on par with the rest of their systems.

5 - Testing LaggardsTesting Laggards

39% of organizations never test their private cloud availability. Only 11% test it once per year.

6 - Disaster StrategyDisaster Strategy

47% of organizations have a disaster recovery (DR) solution in place for their private cloud. This means 53% do not have one.

7 - Tracking KPIsTracking KPIs

Only 14% of organizations track performance KPIs for their cloud environment, compared with 49% to 71% in other parts of their IT infrastructure.

8 - Configuration MonitoringConfiguration Monitoring

47% of companies analyze configuration consistency in the cloud quarterly or more frequently, compared with 70% to 78% in other areas of IT infrastructure.