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Cloud building

1 - Type of Clouds in UseType of Clouds in Use

Private cloud adoption passes public cloud usage. Although 40% reported using a public cloud, 49% are using a private cloud.

2 - Cloud Adoption RatesCloud Adoption Rates

IT organizations now think “cloud first.” A full 85% will have adopted cloud computing by 2018.

3 - Private Cloud Market Size OpportunityPrivate Cloud Market Size Opportunity

The 2014 private cloud market is valued at $41 billion and forecast to grow 15%.

4 - Builders of Private CloudsBuilders of Private Clouds

While 65% of private clouds were built by a third party, 35% are self-built private clouds.

5 - Reliance on Cloud Professional ServicesReliance on Cloud Professional Services

In the second half of 2014, 83% reported engaging professional services to set up a cloud. But that’s a 3 percentage-point drop from the second half of last year.

6 - Hybrid Cloud UsageHybrid Cloud Usage

Hybrid cloud computing represents the last stage of cloud adoption maturity, but only 22% have hybrid clouds in place.

7 - Size of Hybrid Cloud MarketSize of Hybrid Cloud Market

The projected value of the hybrid cloud marketplace in 2014 is $7 billion; 18% of that was private-to-public integration, another 18% was public-to-public and 20% was private-to-private.

8 - Hybrid Cloud SpendingHybrid Cloud Spending

On average, customers are spending $4.4 million on cloud integration. That’s up from $4 million in 2013.