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Cloud computing

1 - Cloud Consulting Services Are UpCloud Consulting Services Are Up

74% of IT channel firms are providing cloud consulting, compared with 67% last year.

2 - Cloud Migration Services GrowCloud Migration Services Grow

72% said they’re overseeing services to migrate customers from one cloud to another, up from 53% in 2013.

3 - Managing Multi-Cloud EnvironmentsManaging Multi-Cloud Environments

67% are managing multi-cloud environments for customers, up from 57% in 2013.

4 - Dashboards Help Customers Navigate the CloudDashboards Help Customers Navigate the Cloud

67% are offering dashboards to help customers understand cloud utilization, costs, etc., as opposed to 59% that did so last year.

5 - Remote Monitoring of Cloud SolutionsRemote Monitoring of Cloud Solutions

60% oversee remote monitoring of cloud solutions for customers on a recurring basis, close to the 59% reported last year.

6 - Troubleshooting and Repair ServicesTroubleshooting and Repair Services

54% conduct troubleshooting/repairing of customer cloud solutions on a project basis, down from 65% in 2013.

7 - Healthy Revenue StreamHealthy Revenue Stream

58% say that cloud channel revenues are growing faster than those for “established products,” up from 50% who said this in 2013.

8 - Cloud Services Profit MarginsCloud Services Profit Margins

64% say the cloud offers higher services profit margins compared with established products; this is up from 49% who indicated so last year.

9 - Go-to-Market StrategyGo-to-Market Strategy

67% are using software to track revenue sources in order to quantify cloud-specific sales, and 52% have created a separate sales team for cloud business.

10 - 'All In' the Cloud‘All In’ the Cloud

42% of companies using the cloud consider themselves in “full production” with it, and 11% said it’s transforming IT.

11 - Staffing UpStaffing Up

52% have added the role of “cloud architect” to their IT department in recent or near-recent times, and 49% are increasing existing talent resources to build private clouds.

12 - Deciding FactorDeciding Factor

43% say the cloud is creating new policies that impact IT strategies, up from 39% last year.