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Cloud applications

1 - AWS Is Pioneering a New Type of Cloud EntityAWS Is Pioneering a New Type of Cloud Entity

AWS is moving beyond IaaS to turn the cloud into a programmable entity that goes beyond PaaS as we know it today.

2 - Size and Scope of AWSSize and Scope of AWS

There are now 11 AWS regions around the world serving millions of businesses. AWS added 516 new features in 2014.

3 - Managing AWSManaging AWS

There are seven compute types and five database classes of service. The database services are managed via a DynamoDB control plane that enables IT organizations to define database parameters, versus manually configuring them.

4 - AWS Embraces APIsAWS Embraces APIs

A new AWS API Gateway provides a mechanism to programmatically invoke both infrastructure and backend applications using REST APIs. Gateway is linked to AWS Cognito identity services.

5 - AWS Pushes Into Microservices Using Docker ContainersAWS Pushes Into Microservices Using Docker Containers

Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Container Service provides a scheduler for managing long-running Docker applications.

6 - The Rise of Event-Driven Architecture in the CloudThe Rise of Event-Driven Architecture in the Cloud

AWS is championing a shift to event-driven architecture using metadata managed via DynamoDB to invoke a “serverless” backend platform, known as AWS Lambda. In turn, AWS Lambda feeds into the AWS Kinesis real-time data processing engine.

7 - AWS Leads DevOps ChargeAWS Leads DevOps Charge

AWS announced the general availability of AWS CodeComm, a revision-control service, and AWS Pipeline, a service for managing code development and deployment.

8 - Amazon Elastic File System Creates a Common Data SourceAmazon Elastic File System Creates a Common Data Source

Shared file systems based on a Network File System (NFS) allow multiple instances of EC2 to access the same distributed data sources.

9 - AWS Moves Beyond Shadow ITAWS Moves Beyond Shadow IT

An AWS Service Catalog provides a mechanism to provision access to AWS services in a way that provides an audit trail to meet compliance requirements. It also provides budget and forecasting tools.

10 - Next Up for AWSNext Up for AWS

AWS is making investments in machine learning to create predictive models to automate every aspect of IT.