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125 Facts About Spiceworks

1. Spiceworks was first founded in 2006 by Scott Abel, Jay Hallberg, Greg Kattawar, and Francis Sullivan, who brought experience from Motive Inc, Tivoli Software, Apple, and NeXT to the table.

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2. The company first started with the goal to round up 3,000 users in the first year. Instead, it brought in 32,000 users from 60 countries.

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3. The initial goal of the company was to provide IT administrative tools to users for free, funded by advertising.

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4. That foray into advertising and sponsorship eventually blossomed as the company made forays into media through a comprehensive collection of how-to articles and in social networking through its Facebook-like community for IT users.

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5. Company headquarters is in Austin, Texas.

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6. The company has expanded to the point where earlier in the year it doubled the size of its headquarters.

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7. Spiceworks employs 96 people and expects to increase that to 115 by year-end.

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8. Today Spiceworks serves 1.5 million IT professionals with its IT administrative tools.

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9. That’s 25 percent of the SMB IT pro community.

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10. These users represent 987,571 companies around the globe.

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11. They buy and manage over $252 billion worth of technology products and services each year.

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12. Within the Spiceworks online community, the company manages over 107,000 active discussions.

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13. Over 200 top technology providers, including Microsoft, Google, Dell and Intel, use Spiceworks to connect with users through advertising and proprietary plug-ins to the tools.

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14. Seventy percent of revenue for the company comes from ads, while 20 percent is for plug-ins that vendors pay to have installed in the tools.

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15. When Spiceworks launched its business app on iTunes this spring, it jumped to number 27 in top downloaded business apps within one day.

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16. The company’s system generates more than 345,000 help desk tickets every day.

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17. Each day, the Spiceworks software manages an additional 67,000 computers and 10,000 printers.

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18. That’s the equivalent of adding service to a Fortune 100 company every day.

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19. Among its users, there are 65,000 resellers and MSPs that take advantage of Spiceworks.

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20. The Spiceworks application is manages more than 7,250 petabytes of storage, with 8 petabytes added every day.

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21. Spiceworks users spend $200 billion annually on technology products and services.

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22. That figure grows by $1.5 billion every week.

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23. So far, Spiceworks has garnered $54 million in venture funds.

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24. The most recent funding round came earlier in the year, bringing in $25 million from several VC firms.

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25. Users within the Spiceworks community call themselves Spice Heads and the company’s mascot is a dinosaur called Spice Rex.