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Why Keeping Top Employees Is So Hard

Why Keeping Top Employees Is So HardWhy Keeping Top Employees Is So Hard

Holding on to good employees is a challenge, but companies are not doing all they can to plan and put in place programs to engage and retain top talent.

IT Retention ChallengeIT Retention Challenge

42% of IT leaders and 43% of IT professionals say their companies have a hard time retaining IT talent; 67% of IT leaders say retention is a challenge across all IT skill sets.

Tenure TroublesTenure Troubles

34% of IT leaders and 29% of IT pros have no expectations for how long an employee will stay with their companies; 9% of IT leaders and 12% of IT pros expect people to stay for more than five years.

Lack of InfrastructureLack of Infrastructure

43% of IT leaders said they do not have the infrastructure necessary to assemble or disassemble teams quickly to respond to IT demands.

Temps Need Not ApplyTemps Need Not Apply

51% of IT leaders and 49% of IT pros do not believe modular and temporary project teams are the future of work.

Length of StayLength of Stay

Of those IT leaders who report retention challenges, 35% believe employees should stay more than five years, compared with 9% of all IT leaders.

To Stay or GoTo Stay or Go

82% of IT leaders and 87% of IT pros believe compensation is the most important reason an employee would stay or leave his or her current position.

Falling Short on Employee Value PropFalling Short on Employee Value Prop

Only 32% of IT leaders and 41% of IT pros agree their organizations have a clearly articulated employee value proposition.

Job SatisfactionJob Satisfaction

IT pros at organizations with clear employee value propositions are 65% more satisfied with career opportunities and 41% more satisfied with compensation.

Beyond the Call of DutyBeyond the Call of Duty

76% of IT leaders and 94% of IT pros believe IT employees in their organizations are willing to go above and beyond what’s in their job description.