Three Steps to Aligning Channel Marketing

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Here are some suggestions on how vendors should cultivate the most beneficial working relationship with their channel partners.

Countless market-validation interviews of people across different industries representing a wide range of responsibilities show that they're busier than ever, feel over-tasked and are working with fewer resources.

In this climate, it takes multiple marketing touches to get people’s attention. As a channel marketer, you may have the perfect messaging, offer and call to action, but in recent years, prospective customers have become overwhelmed with the day-to-day demands of their jobs and are inundated with similar marketing messages. They may quite simply overlook yours.

You cannot judge the success of a channel marketing campaign based on the results of a single outreach. It is often the third or fourth outreach, email or otherwise, that gets the best response in a series.

When planning your campaigns, bake-in those multiple touches, such as emails, follow-up phone calls, and ad retargeting to continually keep your value proposition in front of prospective customers.

3. Think about programs, rather than single campaigns.

Now, channel marketers must also think in terms of broad programs—multiple campaigns over time—that will attract and nurture prospects through their buying cycles.

However, they can’t necessarily count on walking prospects through the steps sequentially and at a determined pace. People are more autonomous and their behaviors more random.

By aligning your programs' multiple campaigns with the different stages of AIDA, you increase the chance that your leads will find the natural footholds to eventually progress through the sales process.


It's important to remember that most channel partners work with multiple vendors. Vendors that make it easiest for channel partners to meet their revenue goals will benefit from increased mind share.

This goodwill and cooperation from channel partners are the secret ingredients necessary for a vendor to successfully lead a co-branded marketing program of multiple campaigns of multiple touches aligned with the four stages of the AIDA sales funnel.

In channel marketing, vendors must lead the charge in formulating and implementing complete and integrated marketing strategies for their channel partners—one where vendors and their partners divide and nurture prospects on their respective sides of the sales cycle.

Ron Carson is the founder and CEO of Thirdside Solutions, a Raleigh-N.C.-based, B2B marketing agency specializing in lead generation. He helps companies grow their revenues.