Software Industry Seeks More Innovation, Analytics

By Dennis McCafferty

Software vendors and development professionals are firmly committed to greater tech innovation as they seek to create better products and apps, according to a recent survey from app dev and consulting company SoftServe. The accompanying 2014 Software Development Trends report covers a broad range of highly industry-relevant topics: With a general sense of satisfaction expressed about current employees' skill levels, staffing numbers are expected to go up in 2015. However, outsourcing activity will increase, as well. There's also considerable interest in the adoption of Agile practices, in addition to business analytics. The latter is credited for directly addressing key strategic needs, while allowing for faster time to market and the reduction of rework jobs. Mobility, of course, inspires significant interest, as the vast majority of software companies are either developing mobile apps or already have them in place. More than 200 global software industry leaders and software development professionals—with 45 percent representing independent software vendors—took part in the research.

This article was originally published on 2014-12-09