Programmer and Developer Jobs Still Tough to Fill

By Maggie O'Neill

IT leaders' certainty in the ability of their departments to meet business needs in 2015 continues to rise, even while their expectations for budget increases are diminishing. As a result, these executives expect salary increases for the hardest-to-fill occupations, which include those for programmers and developers, software engineers, architects, project managers and security professionals, according to TEKsystems' Annual IT Forecast for 2015. "It will be critical for companies to measure current salary structures against competitor salaries if they wish to remain competitive in attracting in-demand skill sets," said Jason Hayman, market research manager at TEKsystems, an IT staffing, services and talent management company. "However, before simply increasing salaries across the board, companies must clearly define their workforce planning strategy and evaluate their current pools of talent. This process will help the organization identify talent gaps so they know where to invest." Based on TEKsystems' forecast, this slide show examines expected changes in salaries, workforce expectations and hiring for 2015. More than 500 IT leaders participated in the October 2014 online survey.

This article was originally published on 2015-01-08