IT Execs Confident in Industry's Future, Yet They Worry

By Dennis McCafferty

IT executives are expressing increased confidence in the future of their industry. In fact, they perceive the tech industry--and their own companies—as being in notably better shape than the U.S. economy overall, according to new research from CompTIA. While this bodes well for future growth potential, there are concerns about various obstacles that could emerge. Among them are cost-shy customers, narrow margins and disruptive technology. "Growth has been steady, though unremarkable," said Tim Herbert, vice president of research and market intelligence for CompTIA. "IT employment remains robust, and the wave of innovation that started several years ago continues to generate strong demand from buyers. [However], downward trending prices and commoditization are ever-present realities of doing business in the technology sector. This is great for customers, but can present challenges for IT companies, especially those not equipped to wrap services and solutions around their offerings." Executives representing more than 290 IT industry companies took part in the research. Here are key takeaways from the research.

This article was originally published on 2014-11-18