Improving Reseller Education Can Lead to Higher Revenue

By Gina Roos

Product vendors can garner healthier sales by improving the way they educate their reseller channel and moving to e-learning programs that give them access to training materials anywhere and at any time. That is one key takeaway from a discussion with Randhir Vieira, vice president of product marketing, at Mindflash, an e-learning software provider. Resellers represent many types of products and services, so they must have a breadth of knowledge and be able to quickly go deep when they need to for a particular customer, Vieira said. E-learning training programs that focus on helping salespeople become more knowledgeable about the product, capabilities, benefits and proof points, as well as how the product stacks up against the competition and how it affects the prospect's business will drive increased sales in the order of two to four times from the same resellers selling the product, said Vieira. "The days of providing this information in webinars are over. If that information isn't available to the salesperson when needed, it isn't going to be effective." Vieira shared with Channel Insider 10 tips for improving an enterprise's training program for partners and resellers.

This article was originally published on 2014-03-06
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