Fast Facts About 5 Types of Tech Training Programs

By Gina Roos

With nearly 2 million technology jobs expected to be created in the next decade, the tech training world faces major obstacles for developing a skilled and diverse workforce, a new study released by JPMorgan Chase indicates. The report, which looks at programs designed to teach information and communication technology skills, focuses on five areas: traditional education, bootcamps, open online courses, internships and apprenticeships, and integrated technical and experiential programs. Each type of program faces unique challenges, including a lack of data for evaluation, rigid hiring requirements, lack of diversity and rapidly changing sector needs, yet there are opportunities to improve tech training with the help of employers and intermediaries, the study finds. These include developing new opportunities for more participants to enter tech training jobs, skills matching, new credential tools, standardized data collection and better collaboration. The report is part of JPMorgan Chase's New Skills at Work initiative to address the mismatch between employer needs and job seeker skills. Here are the pros and cons of each of the five types of training program.

This article was originally published on 2016-04-12