Defining MSPs' Goals, Challenges and Tools

By Gina Roos

Did you know that most IT service professionals who work at managed service providers prefer Star Wars (66 percent) to Star Trek (17 percent)? The majority of MSPs also log into social media networks daily, with Facebook and LinkedIn as the most visited sites. While these are fun facts about a typical MSP's life outside of the office, Datto's "2017 State of the MSP Report," which surveyed 1,200 managed service providers, reveals their biggest challenges and pain points, along with how they stay current on industry trends, new products and technologies. The survey finds that most MSPs, like other areas of the channel, are aligned with the IT industry's trend toward specialization and are developing expertise in specific verticals to provide optimized solutions for their customers. The report is all-inclusive, covering everything from education to digital news consumption and business resources. It also provides links to resources and solutions for mitigating the MSP's biggest pain points. Here are 10 revealing stats from the report.

This article was originally published on 2017-05-02
Gina Roos is a business and technology writer who has contributed print and Web articles to leading electronic industry publications. She was Editor-in-Chief at Electronics Sourcing North America, and served as Site Editor for UBM's Green SupplyLine and Electronics Supply & Manufacturing Websites. She also authored the "In the Channel" column, covering the electronics distribution industry for EETimes ProductWeek. Gina was the founder and editor of Electronics Advocate, an online magazine covering design and supply chain issues in the electronics industry. The publication was sold to MMG Publishing UK in 2010. Gina has a degree in journalism.