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IT workforce

1 - Understanding the Organization's Business StrategyUnderstanding the Organization’s Business Strategy

More than half of all employees say they don’t understand their organization’s business strategy, but 60% of Generation X employees (aged 35 to 49) said they get the fundamentals.

2 - Obstacles to Technological InnovationObstacles to Technological Innovation

A full 72% of all employees cite customer experience as a challenge. This is followed by lack of leadership understanding and complexity of technology, both cited at 44% each.

3 - Organizational Ability to Impact Customer ExperienceOrganizational Ability to Impact Customer Experience

While 70% of Baby Boomers (aged 50 to 60) and 60% of Millennials said their organizations are ineffective, 40% of Gen Xers said this was the case.

4 - Making a Positive Impact on the OrganizationMaking a Positive Impact on the Organization

A quarter of Millennials cited this as their top career goal, versus 21% of Gen Xers and 23% of Baby Boomers.

5 - Faith in LeadershipFaith in Leadership

Only 41% of Baby Boomers think leadership is most qualified to make a decision, versus 57% for Gen Xers and 53% for Millennials.

6 - Reasons for Changing JobsReasons for Changing Jobs

Making more money and working in a more creative environment was cited by 42% of Millennials, the same percentage for Baby Boomers and 47% for Gen Xers.

7 - Value of Group ConsensusValue of Group Consensus

Only 39% of Baby Boomers value this, versus 55% of Millennials and 61% of Gen Xers.

8 - Approaches to RecognitionApproaches to Recognition

Gen Xers are a little more inclined toward recognizing the entire team (64%), versus Millennials at 55% and Baby Boomers at 44%.

9 - Recognition for Information Sharing and CollaborationRecognition for Information Sharing and Collaboration

Gen Xers and Millennials said this should be rewarded at 66% and 55%, respectively. Only 43% of Baby Boomers agreed.

10 - Millennials Prefer the Personal TouchMillennials Prefer the Personal Touch

Attending a third-party conference, completing in-classroom training or working alongside knowledgeable colleagues were cited as the top three ways to acquire new work skills.

11 - Recognition of Employee AccomplishmentsRecognition of Employee Accomplishments

Only 38% of Baby Boomers think this occurs versus 62% for Gen Xers and 58% for Millennials.

12 - Social Media UsageSocial Media Usage

Gen X employees are slightly more likely to rely on social media for work than Millennials. Less than half of Baby Boomers do.