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The job market is rebounding slowly, but if you are out of work or looking for a new opportunity, recent research points to big booms in specific areas of the IT tech sector. If you have the skill set, you’re in luck. If you don’t, then pursuing new certifications might be on your docket for 2011.

The biggest areas of boom, according to Dice, a career hub for tech jobs, are not surprising given recent trends in the IT marketplace. What is surprising, however, is that the following skill sets have ballooned in demand at twice the market rate on the job board’s site. The company also says tech-related job postings are growing at 40 percent year over year. That could mean three things: Dice’s popularity is growing, tech jobs are recovering steadily, or both.

Cloud-computing is the biggest buzz word in the industry, but the space remains in its infant stages. However, as companies try and decipher and implement cloud strategies, they are beginning to look for skills sets like JavaScipt and HTML to help fulfill their needs. In addition, the skyrocketing adoption of SaaS and its reliance on browser-based delivery is also driving the demand for those skill sets, says the firm.

According to Dice, job postings related to cloud are up nearly three-fold (294 percent) and, currently there are 1,300 job postings on Dice related to cloud. Job openings requiring JavaScript (7,919 currently) and HTML (8,547) skills are most likely partly being driven by the cloud-computing explosion.

Also in demand are skills related to Information Security (1,680 jobs). According the Dice, employers are looking for IT pros that have earned Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certifications, which is requested in a third of Information Security job postings. Candidates who want to earn CISSP certifications must have at least five years of information security experience, which is one way companies are looking to whittle down the numerous applicants applying for opportunities.

Other hot spaces for new opportunities including experience with virtualization, more specifically VMware, Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) (1,619 jobs), telecommunications (2,959 jobs), and enterprise software suites like SAP (6,679 jobs) and PeopleSoft (2,147)